The exhibition consists of 14 pull up banners - 800mm wide x 2.2m height with texts and high quality images but no separate objects. The exhibition serves as a useful tool in education about the Jewish history, as a minority, in the locality / region, as per the national curriculum. 

The places covered by the exhibition include: 

1.     Brighton and Hove

2.     Hastings and St Leonards

3.     Dover

4.     Canterbury

5.     Chatham and Rochester

6.     Guildford

7.     Sheerness and Blue Town

8.     Oxford

9.     Brackley

10. Bletchley Park

11. High Wycombe

12 The Rothschild Houses in Buckinghamshire

13. Ramsgate


We would like to host the Exhibition of the Jews of the South East of England from Medieval to Modern times 

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The exhibition is self explanatory but the following is available:

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The cost for hosting the exhibition is free of charge. We can voluntarily cover cost of travel for exhibition delivery and collection from Oxford (cost of petrol only)  

Any other info 

For more information contact 07772 079 940 or [email protected]

The exhibition is supported by Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and organised by JTrails, the Official UK Jewish Heritage Trail (part of one of the official Routes of European Heritage, supported by the Council of Europe), in conjunction with the Oxford University Chabad Society.

Thank you!