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We are pleased to present a selection of lectures delivered at the Oxford University Chabad Society relating to the saddest day in the Jewish calendar - Fast of Av - Tisha B'Av, marking the destruction of the Jerusalem Temples. 

'Building Blocks of Redemption:

The purpose of the soul's journey from on high into this world'

Dr. Israel Sandman

University College London 

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Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Victor Greenberg

'A Child of Majdan'

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'The Temple Mount in International Law:

The complex legal history of Judaism's holiest site'

Dr. Leonard Hammer

Professor of Modern Israel Studies at the University of Arizona

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'Tragedy in Jewish Thought:  How should we react when faced with tragedy?'

Rabbi Eli Brackman

Oxford University Chabad  Society 

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Vicarious Trauma: Jewish Identity Among British Jews

Dr. Christina Fuhr

Random House Scholar, St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. Her thesis is on 'The Creation of Jewish Identity in Contemporary Britain'.

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Latvian Holocaust Survivor

Professor George Schwab

The Holocaust Comes to Libau: The rise of anti-semitism in Latvia, and the personal story of George Schwab

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Pharisees and Sadducees in the Temple in Jerusalem: How tolerant were Jews in the first century?

Professor Martin Goodman

Professor of Jewish Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

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The Promised Land: Religious and historical perspectives

Professor Guy Stroumsa

Martin Buber Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  and former Professor of the Study of the Abrahamic Religions at the University of Oxford.

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