Matzah and Wine (225)

Oxford Passover Shop

At Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ

& Chabad House, 75 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1HR

List of foods:

Matza £2.00

Fine Matza meal £1.85

Medium Matza meal £1.85

Hand baked Shmura Matzah £20 (1lb)

Kneidl Matzah ball mix £2.20

Chrayne £2.25

Osem onion soup mix £2.65

Chicken/beef stock cubes £0.80

Pesach noodles £1

Gefilte fish (frozen) £9.50

Gefilte fish (jar) £4.50 

Chocolate/marble cake £2.75

Macaroons £3.75

Grape juice £3.50

Wine £10 - £15

Passover Seder Set & Items: If you would like to order a set of prepared items for the Passover Seder, email: [email protected]



We can deliver your Passover food order to your house, college or any other address within Oxford for £7 - please send your order together with your address to [email protected]

For orders outside Oxford, please contact us.


For more info or to make an order of Kosher for Passover food, email [email protected] or call 07788 437 754