Matzah and Wine (225)

Oxford Passover Shop

At Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ

& Chabad House, 75 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1HR

List of foods:

Matza £2.00

Fine Matza meal £1.85

Medium Matza meal £1.85

Hand baked Shmura Matzah £20 (1lb)

Kneidl Matzah ball mix £2.20

Chrayne £2.25

Osem onion soup mix £2.65

Chicken/beef stock cubes £0.80

Pesach noodles £1

Gefilte fish (frozen) £9.50

Gefilte fish (jar) £4.50 

Chocolate/marble cake £2.75

Macaroons £3.75

Grape juice £3.50

Wine £10 - £15

Passover Seder Set & Items: If you would like to order a set of prepared items for the Passover Seder, email:



We can deliver your Passover food order to your house, college or any other address within Oxford for £7 - please send your order together with your address to

For orders outside Oxford, please contact us.


For more info or to make an order of Kosher for Passover food, email or call 07788 437 754