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We are delighted to present a selection of interesting lectures related to the Jewish festival of Passover by leading scholars in their field delivered at the Oxford University Chabad Society's Slager Jewish Student Centre. To view the full collection of close to 350 lectures visit:

The Blood Libel

Through the Ages:

Hate propaganda

and its impact on the

collective unconscious

Beginning with the Norwich

libel of 1144, the blood libel

was repeated again

and again, becoming

a classic model of

strategic propaganda.

Esther Shallan

Oxford Brookes University

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The Cairo Genizah:

Its history and importance

Dr. Roni Shweke


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The Promised Land:

Comparative religious and

historical perspectives.

Professor Guy Stroumsa

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The unconditional

promise of the


Must a prophecy

come true?

Can G‑d retract a


Exploring Maimonides'

Mishneh Torah

in manuscript.

Rabbi Eli Brackman 

Oxford University

Chabad Society

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'The Importance of Jewish


Lord Michael Levy

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'Perspectives on the Binding

of Isaac'

According to the Midrash,

the binding of Isaac took

place on Passover 



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The Single Reality of G‑d:

Monism in the thought of the

Lubavitcher Rebbe

Divine monism and creation:

the paradox of otherness,

human existence,

and freedom of choice.

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'Jewish High Holidays as a

mystical journey'

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University College London  


Unbroken Spirit:

How I Survived 12 Years

in the Gulag

A first-hand account of a

refusenik's battle to practice

Judaism in Soviet Russia.

An incredible story of resilience

and defiance.

Yosef Mendelevich

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On the Philosophy of

Imprisonment and Parole:

Retributive justification

and its role in


An exploration of retributive

justification and parole

in modern legal philosophy,

and the role

Dr. Natanel Dagan

Central for Criminology, Oxford

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The Legumes Passover


Examining the prohibition of

eating 'Kitniyot' (legumes)

on Passover  

Examining the background

of the kitniyot prohibition.

Why it was accepted by

Ashkenazic Jewry but not

Sephardic Jewry.

Looking at how the third

Chabad Rebbe,

the Tzemach Tzedek sourced

this prohibition.

Rabbi Eli Brackman

Oxford University Chabad


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The Tzemach Tzedek

and the Jewish Philosophic

Tradition: An overview

of the work

Sefer Hachakirah

(Passed away 13 Nissan, 1866)

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The Image of

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai:

The interplay of Halacha

and Kabbalah in the

thought of Rabbi Shimon

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University College London 



The Judaic Basis for

Natural Law:

A philosophical perspective

on the inherent sanctity

of morality

Professor Len Goodman 

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The Exodus: The Long View

Rabbi Alex Goldberg

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