Guidelines for the reopening of the Slager Jewish student centre for services 


 • The safety of the community is our greatest concern and therefore to facilitate the opening of the centre for services we ask that the following guidelines be adhered to.

 • Anyone who has any symptoms of Covid-19 or if a family member has has symptoms of Covid-19, even if mild, should not attend. 

• All who enter the centre should immediately wash their hands with soap or sanitiser.

• There should be no handshaking or kissing.

• Social distancing of at least 1-2m should be maintained at all times.

• The law regarding masks is as follows. If proper social distancing can be maintained, one need not wear a mask. However, where this is not possible one must wear a mask. Based on this guideline we advise the following:

• People should maintain social distancing of at least 1-2 m at all times. We will set out the synagogue, hall and lecture area to facilitate this.

• The Sefer Torah should not be kissed by anybody.

• All who are called up to the Bimah must wear a mask. The Sefer Torah should only be touched by the reader and the blessings can be said at a distance of 1m. The person called up should stand at least 1m away from the reader. All those who handle the Sefer Torah e.g. taking out of the Ark, the reader, Hagbaha/Gelilah, should thereafter wash their hands with soap.

• The Kiddush will take place at the Chabad House on Cowley Road for the meanwhile. Individual pieces of cake will be prepared so that nobody will need to eat food that has been handled by another person. All those in the kitchen preparing the kiddush will wear gloves.

• If the weather is mild, we will open the windows facing George St and rear door to ventilate the room. 

• As time progresses, we are making plans for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services and will make sure we are fully compliant with the law.

Please see here as well the government guidelines for opening places of worship from 4 July which we have followed:

If you have any questions, please email Rabbi Eli at [email protected]