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Thank you for considering ordering Kosher meals. Please fill out the form below with your

contact and how many of each meals you would like to order: we offer breakfast packages; salad and sandwich lunches; cold lunch option with cooked fish or meat with salads; hot 3 course dinners; wine; crockery.


I would like to order Kosher meals:

Breakfast box £15 


(includes roll, melba toast/corn thins, jam, butter, cheese, tuna/smoked



salmon, brownie/cake, yoghurt, fruit)


Numbers of breakfasts ordered:

Date breakfasts required:

Breakfasts are prepared fresh on site and we can deliver for 2 days at a time.




Lunch: Salad and Sandwich £6.50

Select menu from examples below (leave empty if no preference):


(eg. egg, cold meat, salami, cheese, houmous, tuna, smoked salmon. All served with a boxed salad.)


Numbers of lunches ordered:

Date Lunches required:

Lunch: Cold fish or meat and salads £15

Select menu from examples below (leave empty if no preference):


Menu : salmon/smoked salmon/cold meats/schnitzel and 3 salads: grain salad,



leaf salad, grilled vegetables and bean salad.


Numbers of lunches ordered:

Lunch: Cold fish or meat and salads plus dessert £21

Select menu from examples above (leave empty if no preference):

Numbers of lunches ordered:

The lunches listed above are prepared fresh on site and can be delivered for 2 days at a time.

Lunch: Hot meal, same as dinner options (see dinner prices and menu below)




Main course dinner (menu below) £15 

Number of meals:

2 course dinner £22 


(Main course plus soup or dessert - menu below)


Number of meals:

3 course dinner (menu below) £28 

Number of meals:


Main course dinner menu options (leave empty if no reference):

Sliced beef, rice pilaf and green beans

Roast Chicken, Parisenne Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Turkey Schnitzel, Rice Pilaff and Spinach

Shepherds Pie, Sauerkraut, Peas and Carrots

Fish and vegetarian meals


Soup menu (leave empty if no reference):

Butternut squash


Cream of vegetable



Dessert menu (leave empty if no reference):

Chocolate mousse cake

Citron tart

Apple crumble

Apple pie

Apricot almondine


Paperware - no charge

Crockery and cutlery £7


Kosher wine £15

Dry wine

Semi dry wine

Sweet wine

Number of bottles:


Contact Info:

Name Surname

Email Tel

Home/college/office address

Delivery address

Delivery dates and times

Other order details

Orders can be picked up from Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ.

Delivery in Oxford: £7




Orders for undergraduate or graduate students who wish to receive regular



Kosher meals at college or delivered to their accommodation due to quarantine or otherwise:


Special price for bulk order: £5 per meal.

Please fill in the above form.

For more info: [email protected]





Meals to be paid within 4 weeks by cheque made payable to Chabad of Oxford and sent to:

Oxford Kosher Cafe, Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ.

Bank transfer: Chabad of Oxford; Natwest; Acc. No. 50523805; Sort code: 54-21-23;

Swift Code: NWBKGB2L; IBAN: GB49 NWBK 5421 2350 5238 05

PayPal: [email protected]





Orders and special instructions


Please order at least one week in advance for timely delivery.

Last minute orders are taken but may be with less options of menu.

The dinner meals come frozen & double wrapped and should be heated in

an oven or microwave before opening.

Breakfast and lunch are made fresh and

can be stored for up to 48 hours in a fridge.





Oxford Kosher Cafe


The Oxford Kosher Cafe is open daily (Mon-Thurs 12pm-2pm) at the Slager Jewish student centre,  61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ.

For menu and info  click here .





Shabbat dinners


Shabbat dinners are served weekly at the Chabad House, 75 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1HR (outside university term);

Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ (during university term).

During lockdown due to Covid, Shabbat meals To-Go may be ordered and collected from the Chabad House, 75 Cowley Rd. 

To book, pleas e click here.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 44-(0)7772 079 940 / 44-(0)1865 204 757 / 44-(0)1865 200 158 / 44-(0)7788 437 754.

Thank you!








"Just to say big thank you for organising all my Kosher food just now,



during my business trip with Barclays to the Middle Ashton Hotel in Oxfordshire.



It was all excellent." J.R.



"Thank you for supplying the Kosher food for Sam for his course at Queens



College, Oxford, last week. He thoroughly enjoyed the food and the course.



Without your assistance, he would not have been able to attend." J. B.




Please send us your feedback in the box below, as well as any suggestions

how we may improve this service.


Rabbinical Supervision

The Kosher meals provided are under the supervision of Rabbi Eli Brackman.



Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07788 437 754 or 07772 079 940

H. 01865 200 158

O. 01865 204 757