The following families have generously supported the construction of the Oxford Mikvah by purchasing the following dedications in the Mikvah:

22.jpgThe Slager Family Mikvah

The Mikvah building is dedicated by the Slager family.

The Gutnick Family Mikvah Room

The Mikvah room is dedicated by Mr. Meir Gutnick.


The Mikvah pool is dedicated by the Raitport family.

The Mikvah room is dedicated by Meyer Gutnick and Family. 

The Gorman Family Preparation Room

The main preparation room is dedicated by Seymour Gorman and family and Hershel Gorman and family.

The Gertner Family Preparation Room

The second preparation room is dedicated by Mr. Moshe Gertner charitable foundation.

The Jaffe Family Lounge

The Mikvah lounge is dedicated by Rabbi Avraham Jaffe and family in memory of the late Mr. Zalman Jaffe.

The Baruch Shmuel Brackman - entrance foyer and wash basin

The entrance foyer and wash basin is dedicated in memory of Dr. R' (Derek) Boruch Shmuel Brackman O"H.

Special donor: Mr. Bentzion Dunner O"H

Benefactors at large:

Usiskin Family, Edna & Lionel Freinkel and family, Leigh-Ann Morgan, Leo Noe, Harry Schimmel, Hassan-Claus family, Elbaz family, Menachem Shagalow, Prof. Chaim Broner, Shuly Lerner, Joseph Pearlman, Bentzion Freshwater, Boby Vogel, Rabbi Shmuley & Debby Boteach, Philip Goldberg, Robin Cohen, Maurice Ostro, Prof. Jonathan and Connie Webber - in memory of Sarah Schnierer, Edward Ross, Sora & Moshe Mendel Feldman, Zalman Klyne, Devoiry & Yisroel Nyman, Rabbi Levi & Sheindy Brackman, Bernard Perrin, Mrs. J. Apter, Sassov Beis Hamidrash - Graham Morris, Dr. & Mrs. Harris Sidelsky, Sydney Chontow, Alison Goldberg, Joel Peck, Aliza & Andy Thompson, Chaim-Chad Feldman, Mendel Duchman, Rabbi Hillel Simon and the Bristol Hebrew Congregation.

If you wish to donate to the Mikvah project or purchase a dedication, please contact Rabbi Eli Brackman on 01865 200 158 or 01865 204 757 or email [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your generous support.