Address: Slager Jewish student centre, 61 George St, Oxford, OX1 2BQ

OPEN daily 12-5pm

Contact: [email protected] / 07772 079940 


Oxford Kosher Deli Product List and Prices 

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Items  Price
Pizza Amnons £6.99
Hatov potato bourekas £4.50
Hatov puff pastry roll £3.99
Hatov falafel £4.30
Riches cream £3.99
Twin gefilte fish £9.50
Hermolis Frozen Ready Meals - Beef Goulash £7.99
Hermolis Frozen Ready Meals - Roast Chicken £7.99
Of Tov chicken breast nuggets £4.80
Of Tov American schnitzel £6.99
Of Tov turkey schnitzel £8.50
Beef viennas £4.45
Chicken thighs boneless - pargiot  £13.50kg
Chicken breasts skinless and boneless   £9.70kg
Chicken breasts sliced skinless and boneless   £9.90kg
Whole chicken  Price on pack
Chicken in 1/4's  Price on pack
Flat pickled brisket £16.95 kg  
Lamb shoulder rolled  £22.99kg
Lamb cutlets £21.50 kg
Beef burgers £4.99
Beef sausages £4.99
Fried fish balls £3.99
Schmaltz herring £4.30
Chrayne £2.99
Cheese grated (Chevington)  £4.69
Cheese (block) - light cheese (Chevington) £2.29 
Cheese blocks - light cheddar (Chevington) £2.29
Sliced mild cheddar cheese (Chevington) £2.39
Sliced Red Leicester (Chevington) £2.39
Little Bites Brownie blast £1.50
Little Bites Chocolate danish £1.50
Klik Kariot chocolate £1.35
Rakusen chocolate oaties £2.30
Chocolate wafer £2.25
Jaffa cakes £1.60
Bermans coffee cookies £1.60
Bermans jam cookies £1.60
Achva chocolate chip cake £3.50
Achva marble  cake £3.50
Elite milk airy chocolate bar £1.35
Elite pesek zman classic £1
Elite chocolate coins bag 0.50p
Achva halva marble bars 0.50p
Oneg jelly fish £1.60
Mint gum £2
Spearmint gum £2
Minor chocolate £3.80
Italian herbs flatbread £1.99
BB pretzel rings £1.80
Real food corn thins £1.35
Bamba £1.80
Bissli pizza 0.85
Bissli bbq 0.85
Crisps salt and vinegar 0.50p
Anavim grape juice £3.50
Taaman grape juice £3.30
Joyvin £9.49
Royale cabernet £11.99
Efrat Israeli dry white/red wine £11.99
Bartenura moscato/malvasi £9.49
Tres Buhis Cabernet Sauvignon £12.99
Baron Herzog Jeunesse Bella Rouge £17.99
Instant dry yeast £2.50
St Dalfour raspberry jam £2.50
St Dalfour Four fruits jam £2.50
Rakusens baked beans £1.35
Telma beef stock cubes 0.85
Telma chicken stock cubes 0.85
Telma beef parve powder £2.99
Telma chicken parve powder £2.99
Bnei darom cucumber in brine £1.80
Achva tahini £4.50
Taaman classic peanut butter £3.80
Hashachar chocolate spread £2.99
Ungers bread crumbs £3.80
Pereg Zahatar £3.80
Elisha vinegar £1.35
Matza £1.50
Matza meal £1.80
Instant soup chicken flavour 0.25p
Instant soup mushroom flavour 0.50p
Instant soup vegetable flavour £1
Instant soup corn flavour £1
Noodle cup soup chicken £1.50
Mini soup croutons £1.50
Pita £1.70
Bagels (4 in a bag) £3
Challah (on Thursdays)  
AR household candles 16's £1.20
AR household candles 20's £1.20
Havdala candle beeswax £1.80
Chanuka candles coloured £1
Yahrtzeit candles 0.50p
Mezuzah  £40


Order form: If you would like to place an order in advance for collection at the shop or to request delivery, please click here. Please add £7 for delivery within the ring road. Prices may vary from the website.


Payment: please send payment online to: Chabad of Oxford - Community Projects, acc. no. 31920357, sort code 54 21 23. Paypal: oxfordchabad.org (please add 1.75% approx. for processing fee, as indicated)

Thank you!

This project is kindly supported by the Kalman Family.