Shtauber Lecture.jpgOxford Chabad Society is a registered Society at the University of Oxford. The Society is associated with the Oxford Chabad House and has an active student representation. The Chabad Society hosts high profile national and international guest speakers during university terms and holds open Shabbat dinners every Friday night at no charge to Oxford students.

The aim of the Chabad Society is to create a vibrant Jewish atmosphere for all Jewish students from all backgrounds at the University of Oxford. This is done by challenging the student intellectually to probe deeper into his or her Jewish identity. The stimulus for this could be a lecture on Napoleon and the Jews by the former Vice Chancellor Sir Colin Lucas at the Chabad Society Shabbat dinner, or famous Jewish playwright Arnold Wesker, talking about why he wrote 'Shylock'. Students were also able to enjoy a Chabad Society Shabbat dinner in Town Hall listening to Chancellor of the University of Oxford and former EU Commissioner The Rt Hon Lord Patten speak on 'Combatting Anti-Semitism and Policy in the Middle East'.

Lecture halls are routinely packed to capacity at Chabad Society events. The former Israeli Ambassador Dr. Zvi Shtauber lectured for the Chabad Society to a full Magdalen College lecture theatre on Peace in the Middle East. A landmark event at a packed auditorium at the Nissan Lecture theatre hosted Lord Robin Butler who spoke about the Intelligence behind the 2003 war against Iraq.

Feel free to browse the Chabad Society term card for a full programme of events, or contact the Chabad Society at: [email protected] - for more information.

If you wish to join the Chabad Society please send your name and email address to [email protected] .

To contact the president, email [email protected] 

If you wish to be in contact with Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of Chabad of Oxford, email: [email protected] or call 07772 079 940.  

We look forward to welcoming you at the Oxford Chabad Society!