Marking Holocaust Memorial Day in Oxford 2008

Tuesday, 29 January, 2008 - 6:21 pm

Oxford Holocaust Memorial Events 2008
Oxford University Chabad Society, in-conjuction with Oxford University Student Union, hosted on Sunday, 27 January, eminent War Historian Professor Sir Michael Howard for its annual Holocaust Memorial lecture, entitled "Reflections on the Holocaust."
Prof. Sir Michael Howard, who found out late in his life that his mother was Jewish, was wounded in WWII and is the world's foremost war historian. He said, "here were the people of Germany, one of the most civilised societies that the world has ever seen systematically murdered millions of their own most loyal and productive citizens. To call it ‘evil’ is almost to trivialise it: it was on a scale so monstrous that it almost transcended evil."
Sir Michael pointed out the paradox that it was precisely the assimilation of the Jews in Germany that, he said, provoked such hatred amongst the Germans...
The lecture took place at the David Slager Chabad Jewish student centre and was attended by about 70 students, faculty, including Heads of Colleges, and community.
The event was chaired by Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of the Oxford University Chabad Society, who said, "although we are living in a unique period when there is no institutionalised anti-Semitism, there is nevertheless an urgent need to educate the population about the basic concepts of dignity, respect and love of ones neighbour and stranger, despite origin, race, religion and community."
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Oxford University Chabad Society will also be hosting on Wed night, 30 January, Holocaust Survivor Solly Irving, who survived Buchenwald and Trenstadt concentration camps, for a talk entitled "Destined to Survive" at the David Slager Chabad Jewish student centre.
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