Munich Olympics survivor Dan Alon speaks at the Oxford University Chabad Society

Monday, 18 February, 2013 - 9:42 am

Munich Olympics massacre survivor, Dan Alon, was an honoured guest speaker at the Oxford University Chabad Society Shabbat dinner this past Friday night, attended by 60 students, faculty and community members.


Dan Alon, a second generation world class Israeli fencer, is one of only five Israeli Olympians who survived the terrorist attacks on the Israeli residential block at the Olympic village in Munich in 1972.


Mr. Alon explained that the tragedy of the attacks at Munich that took some of his closest friends, including his coach Andre Spitzer, was compounded by the initial enormous feeling of pride of being part of the Israeli Olympics team in 1972 in Germany - the first time that Jews were participating in the Olympics in Germany since before the Holocaust.


Mr. Alon described his miraculous escape that took place while a rifle was pointed at him from the balcony though the terrorist inexplicably chose not to shoot.


The first time Dan Alon spoke about his experiences was in 2006 at the invitation of the Oxford University Chabad Society and has since spoken to hundreds of communities around the world to ensure Munich is remembered.


The visit of Mr. Alon coincides with his recent book launch, entitled “Munich Memoir: Dan Alon's Untold Story of Survival”.


Dan Alon is in the UK as part of a UK tour organised by Chabad on Campus UK speaking to hundreds of students and community members in London, Oxford, Manchester and Nottingham.


The Oxford Friday night dinner was kindly sponsored by Stand With Us.

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