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A Passover essay: I am He and there is no other

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I, and none other


In the Haggadah, it states:


“And the Lord took us out of Egypt with a strong hand and with an outstretched forearm and with great awe and with signs and with wonders” (Deuteronomy 26:8). “And the Lord took us out of Egypt” - not through an angel and not through a seraph and not through a messenger, but [directly by] the Holy One, blessed be He, in His glory, and by Himself, as it is stated (Exodus 12:12): “And I will pass through the Land of Egypt on that night and I will smite every firstborn in the Land of Egypt, from men to animals; and with all the gods of Egypt, I will make judgments, I am the Lord.”[1] “And I will pass through the Land of Egypt" - I a… Read More »

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