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Moses of London: Insight into Oxford's Jewry through his legal teachings and recent archaeology

MS Parma 933, fols. 77-78 copy.pngOne of the greatest rabbis of the medieval period in England was Rabbi Moses of London, formerly Moses de Oxonia or Moses of Oxford.[1] Born in Oxford, he resided in the Oxford Jewry, before moving to London, until he passed away in 1268.[2] In the records he is known as Magister Moses of London, signalling his position as a respected rabbi and teacher of Jewish law. While little information is known in terms of his day-to-day life, financial activities and social interactions, a glimpse into his life and status in Anglo-Jewry in the 13th century may be viewed from his scholarship and legal rulings. A presentation of his legal rulings and discussions will offer us a meaningful view into the life and influence of this important medieval Jewi… Read More »

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