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The dispute about mentioning the Exodus at night in the manuscripts

In the opening of the Passover Haggadah, it brings a text from the Mishnah in tractate Berachot[1]to support the idea that one is commanded to tell the story of the Exodus on the night of Passover.[2] There are a number of versions to this text of the Haggadah:


1. In the Ashkenazi Siddur CCC MS 133, it states:


Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah said: “Behold I am like[3] a man of seventy years and I have not merited [to know the scriptural source[4]/prevail over the sages that[5]] the exodus from Egypt should be mentioned at night - until Ben Zoma explicated it, as it is stated:[6] ‘That you remember the day you left Egypt all the days of your life.’ Now, ‘the days of your life’ refers to the days;… Read More »

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