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The Development of Kol Nidrei Through the lens of Hebrew manuscripts at the Bodleian Library

MS. Reggio 2 (1) copy.pngKol Nidrei, the opening communal prayer for the annulment of vows at the onset of Yom Kippur, is one of the most familiar prayers of Yom Kippur. The text according to the Ashkenazic tradition states the following:[1]


All vows,[2] and things we have made forbidden on ourselves, and oaths, and items we have consecrated to the Temple, and vows issued with the expression “konum,” and vows which are abbreviated, and vows issued with the expression “kanos,” that we have vowed, and sworn, and dedicated, and made forbidden upon ourselves; from this Yom Kippur until next Yom Kippur - may it come to us at a good time - we regret having made them; may they all be permitted, forgiven, … Read More »

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