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Oxford's Autograph of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah: Does G-d sleep?

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One of the rare autographs of Maimonides at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford is a brief text with Maimonides’ signature, authenticating an early copy of the first two books of the Mishneh Torah[1]: Book of Knowledge (Mada) and Book of Adoration (Ahava)[2]. The manuscript is known in the Bodleian Library as MS Huntington 80 or in rabbinic writings as the Book of the Signature (Sefer Hachasum). The Bodleian Library bought this text in 1693 from Dr. Robert Huntington, who acquired it while serving as chaplain to the English merchants in Aleppo. The autograph states[3]: “corrected against my own book, I Moses, son of Rabbi Maimon of blessed memory”. This manuscript is supremely important as it attests t… Read More »

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