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Marks of Genius: The status of a borrower in Oxford's Maimonides' Manuscript and the Law of a Borrowed Sukkah


Rambam Manuscript of Laws of Borrowing and Entrusted Objects.jpg

One of the most precious Hebrew manuscripts at the Bodleian Library is a handwritten draft edition of a section of the legal code Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, known as Maimonides (1135-1204)[1]. The Mishneh Torah was completed in 1180 and consists of a Jewish legal work by subject matter of the entire Talmudic and Gaonic literature of Jewish law. The manuscript, which was recently on display at the Bodleian Library’s Marks of Genius exhibition, has ten leaves[2] and was bought from the Cairo Genizah through the Rev. G. J. Chester in 1890. The Cairo Genizah is a designated room attached to the old Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo where discarded pages containing the name of G-d were deposited, to preserve G-d&rsqu… Read More »

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