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by Rabbi Eli Brackman

Reflections on the History of the Oxford Mikvah in the 19th century

oxford-18-b.jpgIn celebration of ten years since planning approval was granted for the building of the first Mikvah (Jewish ritual pool) in Oxford - The Slager Family Mikvah - in over 800 years.


The modern established Oxford Jewish community dates back to 1842. In 1845, an Anglo-Jewish provincial survey by Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler (1803-1890) documents a community in Oxford that includes a paid shochet (ritual slaughterer), 4 families and 20 individuals. The synagogue was in a private room in a house. As Jewish tradition stipulates that an important feature of a Jewish community is the building of a Mikvah – taking precedence even over the building of a synagogue[1] - a further point in the survey requests the status of a Mik… Read More »

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