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by Rabbi Eli Brackman

Judaism: Man in search for G-d or G-d in search of man?

Woods.jpgAs we approach the holiday of Rosh Hashana and the Ten Days of Repentance leading up to Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement, there is the idea in Jewish thought that man should seek G-d and find Him. A critical aspect of all religions is indeed the search for G-d by man. The premise is that man, though created by G-d, does not actually see G-d in a revealed sense, thus allowing for free choice between good and evil, and is therefore confronted by the spiritual challenge to search for and come closer to the Divine. This presents us with a philosophical question: is religion about man searching for G-d or is it about G-d searching for man, inspiring man to find and come closer to G-d, as indicated in the title of the philosophical work by Rabbi D… Read More »

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