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Oxford University Chabad Society statement on the defeat of the motion to boycott Israel

Oxford University Chabad Society is pleased at the outcome of the vote this week that defeated a motion to support a boycott of Israel at the Oxford University Student Union. Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of the Oxford University Chabad Society and Chairman of Chabad on Campus UK, who supported the Jewish students throughout the campaign, commented "the defeat of the motion conveyed a strong message, supported by the vast majority of students and faculty at the university, that it is unacceptable to boycott the institutions, culture and the people of a country like Israel based on nationality, especially where the politics, history and security of Israel is intertwined and complex."


The Oxford University Chabad Society now… Read More »

Munich Olympics survivor Dan Alon speaks at the Oxford University Chabad Society

Munich Olympics massacre survivor, Dan Alon, was an honoured guest speaker at the Oxford University Chabad Society Shabbat dinner this past Friday night, attended by 60 students, faculty and community members.


Dan Alon, a second generation world class Israeli fencer, is one of only five Israeli Olympians who survived the terrorist attacks on the Israeli residential block at the Olympic village in Munich in 1972.


Mr. Alon explained that the tragedy of the attacks at Munich that took some of his closest friends, including his coach Andre Spitzer, was compounded by the initial enormous feeling of pride of being part of the Israeli Olympics team in 1972 in Germany - the first time that Jews were participating in the Olympics … Read More »

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