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Over 1,700 celebrate Passover with Chabad on Campus UK

Over 1700 students celebrated Passover with Chabad on Campus at 16 campuses across the UK.

The Campus Chabad Houses, directed by full time Rabbi and family teams, were kept very busy throughout the holiday period with programmes ranging from packed Pasover Seder nights, pre Passover classes on the meaning of the Hagaddah, to students joining the Rabbi and family for Kosher for Passover weekday meals throughout the week of Passover.

“Our efforts are focused on generously providing for Jewish student life throughout the whole year” said Rabbi Eli Brackman, Chairman of Chabad on Campus UK

In South London, 60 students received a pre Passover gift of handmade Matzah from Rabbi Dovid and Sora Cohen; while 20 students joined Rabbi M… Read More »

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