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Two student rabbis give up their summer to meet Jews in Oxfordshire



Two student rabbis give up their summer holidays to meet unaffiliated Jews in Oxfordshire


Chabad of Oxford hosted two student rabbis from the US who came under the ‘Merkos Shlichus Chabad – Lubavitch’ summer programme to Oxfordshire for two weeks to meet by appointments unaffiliated Jewish people and families in the villages and towns of Oxfordshire, as part of their training.


Rabbi Ahron Blasberg and Rabbi Yossi Amos left their studies for two weeks and visited over twenty families across Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.


With five million tourists a year in Oxford, they also made a point to meet people on the busiest street, Cornmarket, in the centre of Oxford. Rabbi Ahron said th… Read More »

Oxford University Chabad Society Honours Nobel Prize winner Professor Ada Yonath

SAM_1264.JPGOxford University Chabad Society had this past Tuesday the honour of hosting Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor Ada Yonath, who discovered the structure of Ribosomes - the cell’s protein factories. Her findings are crucial for developing advanced antibiotics.


Professor Yonath was invited by Rabbi Eli Brackman, director of the Oxford University Chabad Society, who commended her for her achievements, and introduced by distinguished scientist, Sir Walter Bodmer, former Master of Hertford College, Oxford University, and friend of the OU Chabad Society.


The talk took place at the Slager Jewish student centre and attracted about a hundred students and faculty, despite vacation period at Oxford.


Professor Y… Read More »

Chabad on Campus UK hosts reception in Central London

38024_381179724228_109731039228_3897927_5767192_n.jpgChabad on Campus UK hosted a reception on Monday, 12 July, in Central London for close to two hundred supporters in Chabad on Campus Bloomsbury’s brand new venue in the heart of London.


As Chabad on Campus UK is currently established on over twelve campuses in ten cities across the UK, the large audience represents the local support the Chabad centres have for their work and impact they are having on campus amongst the Jewish students and community, said Rabbi Eli Brackman, chairman of Chabad on Campus UK and director of Chabad of Oxford, who chaired the evening.


The hosts for the evening were Mr. David Slager, founding supporter of Chabad on Campus UK, Mr. Allan Freinkel, executive board member of the Oxford Univers… Read More »

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