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Oxford Chabad Society hosts Shabbat Dinner with the first Jewish Speaker of House of Commons in the UK, Mr. John Bercow MP


Mr_Speaker_Bercow's_Official_Photograph.JPGOxford Chabad Society hosted a historic Shabbat Dinner celebrating the recently elected first Jewish speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Mr. John Bercow MP, who is also Member of Parliament for Buckingham.


Mr. Bercow entertained the close to a hundred students, faculty and community members with his wit and humour including, in response to a special request by a student, a full act of how he brings the House of Commons to Order. His talk was entitled 'New Parliament, New Politics?' in which he claimed that the expenses scandal that rightly undermined trust of the public in politics, should be viewed as a profound transition from what has been until now for centuries in the UK an executive styl… Read More »

Liverpool’s Jewish Students to Get New Center


By Jessica Naiman, 

Jewish students in Liverpool, England, will soon welcome a Chabad-Lubavitch center dedicated specifically to their needs and concerns with the arrival of Rabbi Shmuli and Tzivia Brown to the northwestern city of 450,000.

Home to an estimated Jewish student population of about 250, according to Rabbi Eli Brackman, chairman of Chabad on Campus UK and director of the Oxford Chabad Society, Liverpool has four major schools: Liverpool University, John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, and Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. Some estimate that as many as 500 Jewish students could be living in Liverpool at any one time.

For the Browns, who will join a pre-ex… Read More »

World’s leading expert on Jewish medical ethics, Professor Abraham Steinberg, speaks at Oxford Chabad Society



Oxford Chabad Society collaborated this week with the Ethox Centre, a bioethics research centre in the University of Oxford’s Department of Public Health, to host a high profile lecture by the world’s leading expert on Jewish medical ethics, Professor Avraham Steinberg, at the David Slager Jewish student centre.


Professor Steinberg, an Israel Prize Laureate and author of the acclaimed Encyclopaedia of Jewish Medical Ethics, spoke on the Jewish perspectives regarding some of the most cutting edge scientific implementations in the field of medicine today, including stem cell research, pre-implantation genetic diagnoses (PGD), gender selection and human enhancement.


In a lecture outlining the scientific … Read More »

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