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New campus rabbi - NEW ARRIVALS: Rabbi Shmuly Brown, his wife Tzivia and their children

THE Lubavitch movement has appointed a rabbi to work with students at Liverpool's universities.



But J-Soc leaders have declined to comment on the move by Chabad on Campus UK.

Manchester-born Rabbi Shmuly Brown, his wife Tzivia and family will be living in the city from the next academic term, offering a "home away from home" for students.

When the Jewish Telegraph contacted outgoing J-Soc chairmen Mickey Pearl and Gemma Nathan for their reaction to the initiative, they declined to comment.

The Browns will be offering a full programme of exciting events, including weekly Shabbat dinners, educational classes and social programmes.

Rabbi and Mrs Brown will be working in conjunction with Rabbi Avremi Kievman, di… Read More »

Czech Ambassador Speaks at Oxford Chabad Society

Michael Zantovsky.jpgIn celebration of 400 years since the passing of Chief Rabbi of Prague Judah Loew ben Bezalel known as the Maharal, the Chabad Society had the honour of hosting Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the UK His Excellency Michael Zantovsky, who is also former Czech Ambassador to Israel and the United States.


The subject of his talk was Czech and Israel Relations and over a traditional Shabbat dinner for about seventy students he explained the history of Jews in Czech Republic and thereby explaining one of the reasons for the strong support of the State of Israel.


Jews in the Czech Republic are predominantly Ashkenazic Jews, and the current Jewish population is only a fraction of the First republic's Jewish population. As of … Read More »

NEW Oxford Klezmer Band

PICT0643.JPGThe Oxford Chabad Society has launched a Klezmer band made up of seven musicians, directed by St John’s graduate student Melissa Friedman.


The band consists of two violinists, a clarinettist, two guitarists, a cellist and a drummer.


They have a whole repertoire of traditional Klezmer and Jewish music and have already played at events hosting the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Sir Nicholas Winton and other prominent personalities visiting Oxford.


The Klezmer band is part of the Oxford Klezmer Society that has 160 members and enthusiasts and stands out as one of largest amongst no less than fifty one other music societies in Oxford.


With music societies with names like ‘Are You Down With Zuby?&r… Read More »

Chief Rabbi of Israel Lau Lecture at Inauguration of Tajtelbaum Jewish Study Hall

PICT1004.JPGThe greatest threat facing the Jewish people today is assimilation and lack of Jewish education.


The killing of one’s neighbour is the unfortunate history of the world. The first person who killed in the Torah was Cain who killed his brother Abel in the Book of Genesis. He was jealous of his brother that the sacrifice of Abel was accepted by G-d and not his own so he arose and killed his brother while out in the field. Cain was cursed by G-d.


Then there was Esau who wanted to kill his brother Jacob for stealing the blessing that their father Isaac had wanted to bless Esau. Isaac requested Esau to bring him his favourite dish and promised to bless him. Instead, Jacob prepared the food first and when he brought the dis… Read More »

Opening of New Chabad House at Liverpool University

Liverpool.jpgChabad on Campus UK is delighted to announce the opening of a new Chabad House serving Jewish students at Liverpool universities.


In the next academic term, Rabbi Shmuly Brown, originally from Manchester, together with his wife Tzivia, originally from Israel, will open their home as a ‘home away from home’ for Jewish students from all backgrounds, as well as offering a full programme of exciting events, including weekly Friday night Shabbat dinners, educational classes and social programmes.


Jewish life at Liverpool University has grown in recent years and there are currently an estimated 250 Jewish students out of 21,000.


This is partly due to major investments by Liverpool University in recent y… Read More »

Over 1,000 Jewish students celebrate Purim at Chabad Houses on campuses across the UK


P1030107.JPGAs Purim falls during university term, over a thousand Jewish students attended Chabad on Campus Purim celebrations across the United Kingdom.



The themes of Chabad on campus UK Purim parties that attracted substantial crowds of students included a successful Purim Party in Cabaret Voltaire bar in Edinburgh, Purim in Mexico at Leeds Chabad student centre, Latin-America Purim party at the Slager Chabad centre in Oxford, Purim in China party at Nottingham University Chabad House and Sushi in Shushan Purim party for Chabad at South London campuses.


A mix of creative themed Purim parties and the pure joy and excitement for Jewish life that Chabad on campus exudes attracted huge crowds of students who would have… Read More »

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