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In memory of Benny Dunner

I met Mr. Benzion (Benny) Dunner when I was forced into a position of having to fundraise single-handedly a quarter of a million pounds at the age of 25 for a historical project, the building of the first Mikvah in Oxford in over 700 years. Indeed, 5 years later this project has miraculously been completed and is now functional on the site of the Oxford Chabad House.


However, trying to sell this project to reluctant people, some who asked “why do you need a Mikvah in a place like Oxford?” made the journey difficult. In fact one generous person suggested it was a waste of resources and proposed to contribute to a trust that would cover taxis to London to the few women who might need to use a Mikvah.


One of the first gr… Read More »

In memory of Isaac Meyers O"H

I would like to wish my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Oxford alumnus and Harvard classics student Isaac Meyers O"H who died tragically two weeks ago in Harvard Square at the young age of 29.


During his time at Oxford at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Isaac was a regular at the Chabad Society and his quality of character was always a great source of inspiration.


As a transient city, Oxford changes its population regularly and therefore few will remember Isaac, who studied here about 4 years ago. This allows me to indulge a little into the greatness of his personality.


Isaac was a very refined person, extremely intelligent and talented while also humble. T… Read More »

New Mikvah opens in Oxford after 700 years

Oxford Mikva - NOW OPEN
We are delighted to announce the completion and opening of the Oxford Mikvah, the first in over 700 years, for the Oxford Jewish community. The Oxford Slager Mikvah is considered one of the most modern and beautiful Mikvaot in the UK, consisting of two state-of-the-art marble bathrooms, and a uniquely designed Mikvah, surrounded by inviting and welcoming landscape.
The Mikvah is situated on the property of 75 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1HR, with its own entrance on Alma Place.
We have designed a special website for the Mikvah with a plethora of material with insights and a practical guide for the Mikvah experience. Please visit: www.oxfordmikvah.or… Read More »
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