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Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz speaks exclusively to Oxford University Chabad Society

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz was invited by Rabbi Eli Brackman to hold an open Q & A session on the side of the Inspire Conference in London in Nov, 2007, with Oxford Jewish students from the Oxford University Chabad Society. It is possible to now read this exclusive session covering subjects from science and Torah to global warming and drugs. To read this fascinating session please click here.

Holocaust Memorial Lecture by Prof. Sir Michael Howard

Oxford University Chabad Society’s annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture - 27 January 2008

Michael_Howard.jpgReflections on the Holocaust by War Historian Professor Sir Michael Howard

(Introduced by Rabbi Eli Brackman and Vice President of the Oxford University Chabad Society, Melissa Friedman)

First, where I am coming from.

I am, as I realised rather late in life, a Jew of the blood. My mother’s Jewish parents came over from Germany and settled in England in the 1880s. They were not ‘observant’; and like most of their contemporaries in that diaspora, they did their best to assimilate to their host society. They gave my mother an upper-class English education; she did the same for me and my siblings; and as a result I have never felt anything but totally Bri…Read More »

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day in Oxford 2008

Oxford Holocaust Memorial Events 2008
Oxford University Chabad Society, in-conjuction with Oxford University Student Union, hosted on Sunday, 27 January, eminent War Historian Professor Sir Michael Howard for its annual Holocaust Memorial lecture, entitled "Reflections on the Holocaust."
Prof. Sir Michael Howard, who found out late in his life that his mother was Jewish, was wounded in WWII and is the world's foremost war historian. He said, "here were the people of Germany, one of the most civilised societies that the world has ever seen systematically murdered millions of their own most loyal and productive citizens. To call it ‘evil’ is almost to trivialise it: it was on a scale so monstrous that it almost t… Read More »

Oxford Union debate on the right of Israel to exist

President of the Oxford Union
Dear Emily,
I am writing in protest to the debate this week at the Oxford Union on the right of Israel to exist. This very debate of course delegitimizes the State of Israel and the right for the Jewish people to have their own homeland, established by the UN in 1948, as other countries have a right to exist.
In addition, please could you justify the makeup of the debate which includes four known critics of Israel denying the possibility of having a single view that will actually genuinely defend Israel and speak in its best interest.
I am concerned that you are unaware of the consequences of such a debate and I would take the view that such an unbalanced debate on this … Read More »
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