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Texts & Recordings

We are delighted to present also here a list of some of the lectures hosted by the Oxford University Chabad Society in recordings and texts.

Professor Abraham Steinberg

World's leading expert on Jewish medical ethics 

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Jewish comedian Dave Schneider

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PoW Denis Avey, who smuggled himself into Auschwitz

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Maharal Seminar (d. 1609)

Rabbi Chaim Rapoport 'Maharal's Interpretation of the Bible'

Dr. Israel Sandman 'Maharal & Maimonides' Dr. Naftali Loewenthal 'Maharal & Hasidism'

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Dr. Joseph David 'Maharal & the laws relating to the Land of Israel'

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Dr. Menachem Kallus 'Kabalistic depictions' - 

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IMG_8400.JPGSir Nicholas Winton, 100 years old

"How & Why I saved 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust"

Vera Gissing, Winton child

John Fieldsend, Winton child

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Sir Nicholas Winton at Oxford Union

Ruth Humphreys, Winton child on last Winton train

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Baruch Samuel Memorial Lecture

Rabbi Prof. Immanuel Schochet

Bible Criticism: Human Composition or Revelation?

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Steinsaltz_006.jpgSir Isaiah Berlin Centenary Memorial Lecture

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Is Judaism compatible with Western culture?

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Holocaust Survivor Margaret Acher

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The David Irving Trial and Its Implications

Mr. Richard Rampton QC

Richard Rampton QC is a leading British libel lawyer, who has been involved in several high profile cases, including his defence of Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books against David Irving among the most famous. He also successfully represented George Galloway MP against the Daily Telegraph over claims he took £375,000 from Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime.

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Mr. Jack White

Leading expert on the Portugese Jewish Marranos, has visited and is active amongst the Marrano Jewish community in Porto, in northern Portugal

"Return of the Marranos to Judaism"

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Rabbi Lazar, Feb, 2008 030.jpgChief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar

"Jews of Russian: Past and Present"

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Guest of Honour Mr. Nathaniel Rothschild

Introduction by Professor Robert Service, director of the Russian studies centre, St Antony's College

Library Launch, Feb, 2008 026.jpgProf. David Deutsch, Father of Quantum Computers, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University

Fabric of Reality

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Delivered at the launch of the Samson Judaica library

Professor Brian Leftow

Arguments proving the existence of G‑d

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Professor Steven Prawer

One of Australia's formost physicists

Science & Religion: The Dawkins' Delusion

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Professor Sir Michael Howard, War Historian

"Reflections on the Holocaust"

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Chabad Society, Jan-Feb, 2008 016.jpgDr. Yoram Blachar, president of World Medical Association & Israel Medical Association

"Physicians' Dual Loyalties: Israel-Palestinian Conflict"

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Holocaust Survivor Solly Irving Jan, 2008 006.jpg

"Destined to Survive"

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Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Exclusive discussion with Oxford University Chabad Society at Inspire Conference, 2007.

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Lady Elaine Sacks, wife of Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, at ground-breaking ceremony of Oxford Mikvah

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DSC03144.JPG Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz

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DSC08976.JPG Professor Irwin Cotler, former Justice Minister of Canada

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DSC_0120.JPG Former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, youngest survivor of Buchenwald

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