Support people during the COVID-19 pandemic and aftermath: -Mental health online meetings and support groups on topics such as bereavement, loss, anxiety, stress, relationships and parenting. -Offer counselling with a qualified counsellor. -Online social, cultural events and enrichment activities for families, children and elderly. eg family storytimes, group study sessions, family cooking sessions, family arts and crafts sessions. -Deliver traditional foods for sabbaths and festivals so that people can celebrate in isolation. -Connect people to each other so that young people can support older/vulnerable people by doing their shopping or errands etc. This project will make a difference by: keeping people positive, active, healthy and mentally stimulated. Easing the feelings of isolation when people can't be with their families, keeping people connected and involved with the community and alleviate feelings of loneliness and boredom. Helping people cope with loss, stress, anxiety. Helping people navigate their relationships and parenting in these difficult circumstances. Helping people connect with other people in the community to do their shopping/errands so that they don't have to go out. Keeping people connected with their traditions and heritage to offer comfort, enrich their lives in isolation and give them meaning. Families with children, adults and elderly will all benefit from this cross-generational project. We will run it for 6-12 months. We have done community projects like this before, but we now need to cater to the unique needs of the Covid-19 pandemic and aftermath. We have a database of phone numbers and emails from previous projects. We will contact all participants from past projects and advertise programmes on social media. We will ask volunteers from different demographics to spread the word. We will gather feedback by creating surveys and speaking to participants. All programmes will be shaped by the feedback we receive.


We will be supporting elderly people in our community who are at high risk from COVID-19. We will be supporting the mental health of all people in our community due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be providing coping tools for challenges that arise at this time. Challenges to relationships, financial stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, loss. We will be connecting the community so that people can help each other at this difficult time. We will be supporting families with children who may be challenged at this time.


We will have volunteers from every age group and demographic of the community. They will help us with advertising the programmes to their friends and also to steer the programmes to fulfill their needs. We will try and reach out personally to as many people from the community as possible by phone or message to discuss their needs at this time of isolation and see how we can help them. We will also use online survey platforms such as Survey monkey to hear feedback from the community about the project and future ideas and also to evaluate programmes after they have been run. We hope to attract a wide range of people who will all be looking for a way to stay connected and involved at this difficult time. We will encourage people to take leadership roles and share their talents or skills with the community at the sessions.