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Chabad of Oxford is delighted to invite you to celebrate Passover this year with the following services and provisions for the Jewish students and wider community who will be in Oxford over the holiday..


Click here to view a full programme of twelve short lectures by leading scholars from around the word exploring the holiday of Passover through history, manuscripts, piyyutim, spirituality, commentary, law and mysticism.

Sunday, 21 March, 2-5pm

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First Seder Night of Passover  & Second Seder Night of Passover

Saturday-Sunday, 27-28 March

* Handbaked Shmurah Matza and wine

* Full Passover Seder Plate with all 6 symbolic foods

* Haggadah (Hebrew/English)

To order a Passover Seder plate only (without dinner), please click here to fill in a form.



* Handbaked Shmurah Matza and wine

* Full Passover Seder Plate with all 6 symbolic foods

* Three course festive dinner with all the traditional foods

* Haggadah (Hebrew/English)

To order Passover Seder and a delicious three course festive dinner with all the traditional foods,  please click here to fill in a form.


Matza Order Form

If you are in Oxford or away for the festival and would like to order a special hand-baked Matza for your Passover Seder - sent to you - FREE for students - please fill in the following form - click here at your earliest opportunity to guarantee stock.


Passover Meals To-Go throughout the Festival

Oxford Chabad Society will be serving Pesach meals To-Go throughout the festival, including Chol Hamoed and last days of the holiday.

To book, please click here to fill out the form.


Kosher for Passover Food Shop 

Chabad of Oxford offers a Kosher-for-Passover shop at the Chabad House, 75 Cowley Rd, Oxford, where you can find a variety of Passover foods, including wine, grape juice, Matza, Matza meal, cake and much more.

Please click here to view the list of items and to fill out your order form.


Sale of Chametz Form

To sell your Chametz online to fulfill the Mitzvah not to own Chametz (leavened food) during the holiday of Passover, please click here .


Passover Festival Guide

Please click here for a full Passover festival guide with printable Haggadah texts (Hebrew/English), recipes, how-to-prepare for Passover, stories, history, insights, multimedia and much more.


Exhibition of Passover Hagaddah Manuscripts at Oxford

Click here to view this online exhibition.


Lectures related to Passover - delivered at the Oxford University Chabad Society

Click here to view this interesting collection of lectures.



If you have any questions or for more info about the holiday, email [email protected] or call Rabbi Eli on 07772 079 940.


Wishing you a happy Passover!

Chabad of Oxford