We are delighted to present the full range of over 60 of Rabbi Eli's Essays on a variety of topics of interest in Jewish philosophy, history, law, ethics and mysticism.

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Marks of Genius: Maimonides' Laws of Hiring

Marks of Genius: Maimonides' Laws of Borrowing

Maimonides and belief in G‑d: legal or spiritual?  

Maimonides: Spiritualist or Legalist?

Maimonides' view of the Temple according to an Oxford manuscript: A defence

Maimonides' View on the Shape of the Branches of the Menorah according to Oxford's rare Manuscript  

Table manners in the Oxford Huntington manuscript of Maimonides

Discovering G‑d in the Opening of the Oxford Huntington Manuscript of Maimonides 

Oxford’s Maimonides manuscript disputes the design of the Temple Menorah 

Maimonides in Oxford: A commentary on the Oxford Manuscript of the Mishneh Torah  

Does G‑d Sleep? An Oxford Maimonides' analyses

Ashkenazic & Sephardic Disputes on Passover

The Controversy of Egg Matzot in Oxford's Bodleian Library  

Introduction to Igeret Hashmad - Letter of Apostasy of Maimonides

Introduction to Igeret Taiman of Maimonides

Where's G‑d in a Tsunami Disaster? A Study in Divine Providence according to Maimonides and the Baal Shem Tov


Gamlingay, Merton College & Jewish Law  

Biographical History of Jews of Oxford from the Medieval Period to the Modern Era

The Nakdan of Oxford & the limit of sovereign power in medieval England

David of Oxford: A new perspective

Brief Biography of Chief Rabbi Dovid Oppenheimer 

Oxford's Rabbi Dovid Oppenheimer and the debate about synagogue melodies on the High Holidays in the 18th century

Rabbi Michael Weissmandl: A Rabbi from Oxford’s Bodleian Library who saved Jews from the Holocaust

The History of the Brachmann Family of Latvia

Angyalfi family of Budapest 


Hebrew Manuscripts at Christ Church College, Oxford

The Abrabanel family & the Biblical manuscripts at the Bodleian Library  

Oxford's Rare Machzor Vitry Haggadah: A Passover Essay

The Rare Oxford Machzor Vitry: A Rosh Hashana essay  

The discovery of the Alfred Edersheim collection of Hebraica in Oxford 


Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn & the Holocaust: Why does evil prosper? 

Judaism: Man in search for G‑d or G‑d in search of man?

Should Jews forgive and forget? The problem of evil in Jewish philosophy 

The convergence of the philosophy on liberty of Sir Isaiah Berlin and the Lubavitcher Rebbe  

Dominus Illuminatio Mea: An Oxford attempt to reconcile science and religion in the 16th century  

The King James Bible and the Kabbalah

A dispute about a hilltop between the King James Bible and some rabbis 

An extra word in the Bible: finding the mystical in the simple 

A Jewish response to modern atheism

A Jewish approach to Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism & Jewish philosophy 

Why is Judaism in decline? 

What is Jewish Identity? An Oxford Debate 

A Jewish view on the British riots: who’s to blame?

Alcohol & Judaism 

The convergence of psychology and mysticism

An overview of Freud & Jewish interpretations of dreams

A Jewish view on dreams

Introduction to the Kabbala

The concept of the Sefirot

Why was Spinoza excommunicated? 

Judaism & Democracy 

Is politics innately corrupt according to Jewish thought?

Does scattered ashes of Oxford Fellows pose Jewish problem?

The problem with rationalising the prohibition for eating pork

The unified theory of Passover

Can G‑d's existence be comprehended?

What does Jewish Humour say about Judaism? 

Jewish life after the Holocaust & Chabad


Shakespeare & The Jews - Sir Jonathan Bate

Equality & Differences - Professor John Finnis

Isaiah Berlin Lecture by Dr. Yoram Hazony

Heidegger and Nazism - M.J. Inwood

In support of Soviet Jews by Oxford Professor Michael Yudkin

Interpreting Scripture as a Spiritual Exercise