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Chabad on Campus UK and EU Conference inspires greater growth

Thursday, 1 January, 2015 - 8:31 pm

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 01.43.31.pngThe annual conference of Chabad on Campus UK and European Shluchim took place this past week with over seventy participants in Altrincham, England. The conference was organized with the support of Chabad on Campus International and represented the major expansion of Chabad on campus in the UK and Europe over the past ten years with representatives now on every major campus in the UK and in many cities across Europe.


The programme of the conference included networking, learning new innovative techniques in Jewish education, as well as discussing ways to further strengthen the Chabad on campus presence on campuses across Europe. Other areas covered included organizational management and fundraising, among other topics. The conference was chaired by Rabbi Eli and Mushka Simon of Chabad on Campus in Manchester.


Rabbi Eli Brackman, Chairman of Chabad on Campus UK and director of Chabad of Oxford, who addressed the banquet on Monday evening, said “the conference was a major success and reflects the enormous growth of Chabad on campus in Europe over the past few years offering thousands of Jewish students a crucial Jewish home away from home while at university.”


Rabbi Yossy Gordon, Executive Vice Chairman of Chabad on Campus International, commented, “the EU Chabad on Campus representatives are an impressive group of young, energetic, passionate Jewish leaders accomplishing a tremendous amount on behalf of the Jewish people”.


The Shluchim left the conference with new tools and inspired to return to their campuses to increase their activities and reach ever more students with dedication and devotion ensuring a brighter Jewish future for Europe. 


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