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Your Mother Or Your Wife

My mother wants one thing, my wife wants another! How do I choose!? Read More...

Eleven Parenting Beliefs to Raise A Healthy Child

No parent is perfect, not I nor you. Your task is to do your best which will include at times mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are obvious or sometimes you will only become aware of them in hindsight. Read More...

To Eat To Pray and To Love

The Three Mitzvot of the Woman are special, holy and spiritual, transcending everyday life Read More...

Mikvah, The Art of Transition

Two complimentary reasons emerge when contemplating the various times we are instructed to go to the mikvah, the Jewish ritual bath.  Read More...

Trust and Openness

The man-woman relationship is more than a physical union and more than an emotional encounter. It is the coming together of two bodies, two hearts, two minds and two souls. Read More...


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